GUNSHIP – The Mountain


That Thing You Get Embarrassed About on Christmas Eves When You’re Too Sober


I figure there must be some limited permutation of good titles, so I’m being conservative and going esoteric for the things less important.


I need to work on hands more, but I really dig the face. It’s simple but effective.

This is probably my ideal line weight. I think I went too thin on the next one.


I have this sinking feeling that her arms are abnormally long.

Like King Kong adjace.


Regarding the future: there’s this thing I’ve been wanting to do leading up to Halloween for a while now. It’s always been pushed back because the timing doesn’t work out (timing is always killer) and I’ve never felt technically proficient enough to pursue it seriously. It’s the same this year, but I’m making 2016 a concrete goal.

There’s literally no point to mentioning this except as a tease. I’m all about the slow burn.

Regarding the completely unrelated song of the day: this one’s for all those feeling lost at sea.