1000 Faces (Part 60)


Usually if I don’t draw for long periods of time, it means something is wrong with me. Which is true, but I’m working on that.


Things I’ve learned in my time off:

  • Hope is useless without action
  • Some things don’t work out how you hoped
  • It’s important to find your own happiness
  • Armbars hurt






When I was 12 I had an idea for writing and directing a dark, edgy superhero movie called Machete.

He was like Blade but with a machete instead of a katana, he killed criminals instead of vampires, and his name was Machete instead of Blade. I recall he had a porcelain mask and a tattered cape. His backstory had him being orphaned in the jungles as a kid and returning to society slightly deranged. The soundtrack would’ve featured a lot of Adema and Evanescence, because I was in that type of phase.

I’m not sure where any of these aspects connect and in retrospect it was a pretty horrible idea all over.


Anyway, a couple years later Danny Trejo made a movie about a guy with machetes appropriately called Machete, which torpedoed my Hollywood aspirations. And that’s why I hate Danny Trejo.

…I’m just kidding. Please don’t kill me Mr. Trejo.

1000 Faces (Part 58)

Art, Blog Post

Rather uncharacteristically, this post is devoid of sarcasm and self-deprecation. Love is all around.

Three and a half years ago I started this blog as a record of a journey. It was meant to chronicle my progress as I practiced my art. I was 19 years old, bored out of my mind, and struggling to find purpose in life. Not much has changed really, but through those three and a half years, this blog has been my lighthouse. It has been there through the seasons, on bright days and stormy nights, and all other manner of weather metaphors.

Recently I’ve started going back and indexing some of my older posts. In doing so, it made me realize how far I’ve come and how much I’ve improved. Sometimes I criticize myself and my work so much that I need to take a step back and reflect on how it feels to create something. To take one thing and turn it into some other thing. I’m not yet where I want to be, but where I am right now isn’t so bad either.

After all the time and work I’ve put into this blog, I’m actually quite proud of it. All other things may pass, but this is mine. And that’s pretty cool.

To quote the great Rocky Balboa, I guess what I’m trying to say is that if I can change, and you can change, everybody can change!


Also, new layout.


1000 Faces (Part 56)


I’m occasionally reminded that I truly am just an extra in someone else’s story when I pass by and overhear part of a strange conversation.

A young man sat on a bench reading a book. His friend, a cute bubbly blonde, came up and called his name. The man glanced up from his book, sniffed once, and said to her, “You smell like Christmas.”

I was late to class, so I strode by and never got to hear the rest of this dialogue. This was four years ago and it still confounds me. What does Christmas smell like?


This was in April, by the way.