Two Pages

As always, I put a lot of thought into my titles. Here’s two pages from my sketchbook today:


I think I can see my pencil dulling with each progressive drawing.

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The Climb

If I told you this was the start of something beautiful… well, I’d be lying.

I needed a change of pace today and picked up the sketchbook that I hadn’t touched for a few months. With my tablet, I didn’t see much need for a physical sketchbook. But nothing beats the feeling of drawing with a pencil. With a pencil, I have so much more control over my lines– the weight, the curvature, the spacing. It’s also much easier to use a ruler on paper than on a screen, if I ever wanted to draw a straight line. (Pfft, who needs straight lines anyway?)

My current goal is to fill one sketchbook every month. Considering that my sketchbook has a hundred pages and it’s already a week into April, this should be a fun goal to hit.

I used up all of the first page on a drawing of some mountains.

The Bad: As of now, the best way to transfer drawings from sketchbook to blog is to take pictures. Yeah.

The Good: I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. The shading could be more consistent but it was good practice nonetheless.


“I get bigger when you touch me,” said the mountain to his wife.

So maybe this actually is the start of something beautiful. Low-resolution, but beautiful nonetheless.

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1000 Faces (Part 28)

I actually drew something yesterday but decided it didn’t fit the big, gushy, introspective post I was gonna pair it with. I’m saving that post for when I have a drawing appropriately fantastic to go with it.

In the mean time, here’s yesterday’s work, today:


I don’t dig them too much. 119 would probably be much better if I lessened the gap between his eyes. Too bad I don’t have some image editing software like Photoshop. Oh wait I do. Eh.

I was much more satisfied with my work today:


One day I’ll figure out painting but for now I’m happy with the coloring style I have.

Random aside: My school’s library charges $1 for each page printed in color. I once printed out a brochure for a class project in full color (2 pages) because I wanted to impress the teacher. She loved my project and really appreciated the effort. But I ended up with a B+ for the class and not an A, so I kinda want my $2 back.

If you’re wondering why the numbers are so shaky, it’s because I wrote them with my mouse. I forgot to number them when I was drawing on my tablet, and then couldn’t be bothered to connect my other tablet once I imported them into Photoshop.

Fun fact, I used to be pretty good at drawing with my mouse.

See exhibit A. Doctor Doom:


This was my greatest accomplishment from 2012, because it was that kind of year.

It took me three hours.

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1000 Faces (Part 27)

I was looking at some of H.R. Giger’s art earlier today. Much like every other time I see his work, after the initial period of disgust, I come to appreciate how brazenly he incorporates sexual imagery into his paintings.

Some people do subtle. H.R. Giger doesn’t do subtle.

Anyway, I’m not H.R. Giger so there’s a distinct lack of penises, vaginas, and alien sex here:


You’re free to be relieved or disappointed.

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Let’s enter Oz and the land of color once more.


I dig how happy this guy is.

I’m on a much needed Spring Break right now. A week away from school, work, and overthinking things is a week to recharge and come back stronger.

I’m going to read lots. I’m going to draw lots.

It’s gonna be rad.

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A confession I read a while back:

“Sometimes people ask me how I’m doing and I actually tell the truth.”

The weight of that line still astounds me. So often “how are you?” is a question not designed to elicit a serious response, but just a simple greeting. It’s small talk, not invitation to vent about how terrible your day/week/month/life is. But sometimes you need that. We all need that.

“I’m fine” is the most common lie people tell.

It’s all very repressive and unhealthy.

At some point, everybody should admit the truth of the day:

“I’m not okay.”


But maybe tomorrow you will be.

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Little Ninja Man

Number two in the list of rejected Verne Troyer movie titles.


I really dig the kicking stickman from the waist up. The position of the upper torso and arms have a good kinetic energy, but the legs seem stiff.

My next post will probably be a thousand stickmen, because it’s always good to work on the fundamentals.

Just kidding, knowing me the best you’ll get is ten or so.

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As I write this, I am very hungry

Sometimes I start drawing and don’t stop until I hear my stomach grumbling and I realize I want to consume like a hundred chicken nuggets.


Though I’d be happy with eighty or so.

Update: I have since burned my hand with boiling water while attempting to cook. The moral of this story is that being hungry sucks. Safety first folks.

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Dog Days #11

Back in the day, there was this animated children’s show about a giant red dog. It was called, appropriately, Clifford the Big Red Dog. The size of the dog was the plot point but how come nobody ever questioned why the dog was red?

It’s questions like this that keep me up at night.

To be honest, sometimes these ramblings pop into my head and I just draw something halfway relevant so I can write about it here. I should just start all my posts with “Dear diary…”

Anyway, here are dogs that are neither big or red. But the magic of imagination means they could be, if you wanted them to be. It’s like Schrodinger’s Cat, except with dogs and not really anything like Schrodinger’s Cat.



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1000 Faces (Part 26)

Hello. This has been long overdue:


I had forgotten how therapeutic it is to draw. A few hours alone in my room with a pen and some music soothes most aches. It’s a good feeling.

A moment of introspection: I used to sign off with “Until next time, [insert witticism]” quite a bit. I stopped regularly doing that, I think, because I realized one day there might not be a next time. I would eventually get bored and walk away. It would get too hard to continue when it’s so much easier to be noncommittal. Something else would catch my eye and I’d obsessively pour myself into that for a while before also giving up. What a fleeting existence.

What a pessimistic view of things.

I’m going to keep drawing because it makes me happy. That’s all that matters.

So, until next time… [insert witticism].

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